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What some people are saying about Dr. Bauer’s Hypnosis and Meditation CDs

Dr. Louis P. Bauer,

I have been practicing meditation, self-hypnosis, etc. for 35 years and found your CD entitled "Preparing for Surgery" the best I have ever purchased. I am presently recuperating from surgery which is minimal. This CD helped me considerably in preparing for and during the surgery. The stress was minimal if any at all during the entire time. The healing seemed to begin at start of surgery. It was so successful that I did not have to stay overnight as I had been told initially even though a Stent was inserted in one of my arteries. During post- surgery I found that after two days of using your "Affirmations for Healing" CD I did not need it at all. Thank you for developing these CDs.


Leo Michelotti from Morgan Hill, CA.

Hello Dr. Bauer,

First let me say that I am enjoying "Deep Relaxation" immensely. I have been having a blood pressure issue for a while, but when I used the CD in conjunction with some deep breathing exercises I do, I got a reading of 96/54. I am using the CD daily and the benefits continue. I enjoyed our phone conversation immensely, and appreciate the fact that a busy man such as yourself would take the time to call and talk with me.


Alan Mills, from Corning, CA.

Dr. Bauer,

Thanks for writing me back. I want you to know that you can use my name anytime to endorse your CDs. The "Be Still" CD has been such a blessing to me. I am anxious for the new order. I have purchased hypnosis CDs in the past, and none compare to this. Your technique is wonderful. I pray that others will be led to know about your CDs so that they may enjoy them as I have. God bless you in your ministry.


Kathy Padgett from Lexington SC

Dr. Bauer,

Thank you so much for your CD’s, they have saved my life.

June Booth, Slidell LA

Dear Louie,

The day your Passion CD arrived I needed it very badly. I laid on my hammock in the sun and healed to your words. The very next day one of my clients came to see me and her ex husband was getting married that Saturday. She was in such emotional pain. I knew that your CD was meant for her too. We listened to it that day and I gave it to her to take home. Thank you so much and please send me 5 more CD’s of "The Passion" May God bless you and your work.


Tamrya Bourgeois Baton Rouge, LA

Dear Dr. Bauer,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the help I received from your CDs. I have dealt with depression for the better part of three years due to a very traumatic event that happen in my life. This past year, I lost touch with a very important person in my life - God. Being able to reconnect with Him via your CD’s has been a true blessing to me and I have noticed dramatic results in my life just in the past two weeks. I am so grateful for the work you are doing as I am sure it has helped many others as well. May God bless you and what you are doing,

Kim - California

Dr. Bauer,

I read your testimony at your web-site and cried through the whole thing. Apparently I have a need to cry and cry to get to my spirit. But I feel that you understand my depression. And when I listen to your c.d.: BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD , sometimes I cry a lot while listening to it. And I feel you are helping me more than I have ever been helped, to get to my feelings and release. I feel I have done a lot of soul growth in this lifetime but still can’t get in harmony with it all. At least I am getting in touch with my feelings. I am not trying to flatter you. I sincerely feel you have helped me more than I can say but I will continue to listen to your c.d. often.

Jayne Laisure - Osprey, FL

Good Afternoon Dr. Bauer!

I just wanted to touch base and let you l know that I received my package of CDs on Monday. Tuesday morning I started the day with the "Be Still" hypnotic CD and today instead of my usual meditation ritual, I used the "Passion" CD and I must say that CD moved something deep inside my soul (lifted a weight or two). I feel a lot lighter and the tears I shed has helped to wash away a lot of old buried stuff! This was absolutely the best medicine I could have ever asked for. I also have been able to let go of the resentment and anger I felt for the past two weeks toward my boss and for her actions which resulted in me being fired. I can truly say that a healing took place in my heart and mind thanks to your beautiful words and instruction. I trust that the job that I am searching for can now come my way through my efforts and through God’s guidance. I can never thank you enough. I plan on purchasing more CDs soon!

Yours in gratitude and appreciation,

Phyllis Foster, San Francisco, CA

Dear Dr. Bauer,

I have enjoyed your CD "The Stress Buster" and the "Deep Relaxation CD. I have worn these CDs out. They have helped me so much.


Margaret La Dart, Monroe, LA

Hi Doctor,

I did a smart move, when I ordered your CD on preparing for surgery. Here is why. You mention at least three things that brought me out of fear.

1. God will also be in the operating room with the surgeon.

2. The surgeons are part of my team, and are not my opp0nents.

3. Your confident, and nurturing voice with the phrase (You’re doing fine), was so calming.

Your over all statements that the less you worry, and project negativity, the faster you will heal, and keep my immune system up. So, thank people like you that are doing so much for people like me.


William L. Nadler

Dr. Bauer,

I am writing this letter to you to let you know the graces and blessings I received from my Lord by my openness to receive His healing power and love. For my openness to the Lord and peace concerning my surgery, I want to especially thank you. I am a Catholic and I was a bit hesitant to listen to your CD on Preparing for Surgery. I thought it was against my faith to be subject to hypnotism. I am the Pastor’s secretary at St. Margaret Mary church in Slidell. I noticed the great respect Rev. Msgr. Lanaux Rareshide has for you and it put me at ease to listen to your CD. The first time I listened to the CD I was so relaxed, I fell asleep before hearing the whole CD. The second time, I made sure I listened to everything you said because I still had a little bit of doubt. After I finished the CD I felt such a tremendous feeling of peace and a willingness to surrender all my fears and concerns about the surgery to the Lord. Your CD made sense. If we are totally relaxed and place ourselves in the Hands of the Lord, we have nothing to fear. I listened to the CD every morning for a week before my surgery. In your CD you stated that everything will go so well that the doctor may even come in and say "This was one of the best surgeries I have ever done!" That is exactly what happened with me. After the surgery, the doctor came to my room smiling. He was delighted in the outcome of the surgery and said that he tried a new procedure that he had never tried before and it was the best he had ever done. Praise God!!!!!!!!! After my hysterectomy the blessings continued. I gave praise to God every day for my healing and recovery. I barely remember being in the hospital or experiencing any pain. My recovery period was like a retreat. I read scripture, I read your book, "A Journey to Inner Healing" and experienced a deep relationship with my Lord. I asked for not only physical healing from my surgery but a healing of my sinfulness and my iniquities. I returned to work feeling rested, refreshed and very much at peace. I have mentioned your book "A Journey to Inner Healing" and your CD to many people especially when I hear someone is going to have surgery. God Bless you for your openness to the Lord allowing Him to use you and for your sharing your precious gift with others.

Sincerely in Christ,

Renee Lemoine, St. Margaret Mary Church in Slidell, LA.

Dr. Bauer,

Last winter I decided to have a major surgery for health reasons. My mother sent me your "Preparing for Surgery" CD. To say I was skeptical would be putting it mildly; but I adore and trust my mother so I listened, every night for three weeks. By the time my surgery date rolled around, I was amazingly calm and in the ‘right place’ spiritually and mentally. If I ended the email there, that would have been enough to recommend you CD to everyone preparing for any surgery; but there is so much more. Being in the top 10% is always good...especially if we are talking about major operations. That is what listening to your CD did for me. It not only calmed me by reminding me that I was taking the journey with Jesus, but empowered my body to heal itself...which is something I never knew I could do. Thus placing me on my Doctors Top 10%; which translates to a speedy operation with no complications and no unnecessary bleeding. I have remained in the top 10% for my recovery as well. I have recommended you CD to everyone who will listen and am one of your many growing fans! My family and I thank you, Dr. Bauer!

Sincerely in Christ,

Katie Lee, Fort Irwin, California

Thank you Dr. Bauer

I have the Overcoming Insomnia, Attitude of Gratitude, Power of the Mind, the Self Esteem CD and Affirmations for Self Healing. I feel I’ve had major success with all of them, (O.K. to me it’s major) I still need some work, but I can see a changes. However, my mind continues to be somewhat preoccupied, and I feel it prevents me from being a good listener and of course, keeping me up at night. I guess I’ll pick up on your Deep Relaxation tape & the Stress tapes! Sincerely, the insomnia, Affirmations for Self Healing & the Self Esteem CD are awesome. I’m hooked on them every night.

Thank you!

Sylvia Rangel, Staff Division Order Analyst, CDOA

Hello Dr. Bauer,

First let me say that I am enjoying "Deep Relaxation" immensely. I have been having a blood pressure issue for a while, but when I used the tape in conjunction with some deep breathing exercises I do, I got a reading of 96/54. I am using the CD daily and the benefits continue. I enjoyed our phone conversation immensely, and appreciate the fact that a busy man such as yourself would take the time to call and talk with me.


Alan Mills, Corning, CA

Dear Dr. Bauer,

Thank you for your helpful suggestions over the phone yesterday. I want you to know that your CDs are remarkable. I have been listening since receiving them and I feel I have truly found something that will help me in my healing and spiritual journey. I probably have owned thousands of healing meditation and hypnosis tapes over the last 30 years. I have derived some benefit from many of them. I particularly like Belle Ruth Naprastack's work. However, for me, there was always something missing. What was missing was the scriptural element with Jesus at the core. I love the stories and the way you weave the Master's teachings into the format. I plan to come back and purchase the ones I did not order over the next few months so I can own the whole collection. I am grateful to you for this marvelous work.

Thanks again,

Rose Kaval, Broadview Heights, OH

Dear Dr. Bauer

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