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Here is what people are saying, that read the book.

Dear Louis,

This week I completed reading A Journey to Inner Healing for the third time. It may be the only book I can say that about outside of the Bible and the Liturgy of the Hours. I found your book interesting, informative, encouraging and affirming.

You write with the clear intent of sharing a way of thinking and living that you have found to be healthy and hopeful. You use many pictures and stories to help your readers experience the deep yet simple truths that you teach. You use many passages from Holy Scripture, especially the New Testament, to support and clarify the points you are making. You communicate enthusiastically without sounding preachy or pushy.

I received personal blessings from the Lord as I read A Journey to Inner Healing, as I experienced the session you gave me in your office and as I listened quietly to your audio tape in my office. I believe that God is using you in His healing of many hurting people.

With thanks to Almighty God and to you, I am

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Msgr. Lanaux Rareshide

Pastor of Saint Margaret Mary Church, Slidell, LA

Dear Doctor Bauer,

Thank you for the book. I devoured it in 1 1/2 days and I have started over. You did an amazing job, your writing is extremely easy to read and I got allot out of your hard work. Thank you. Should you write anything else, please email me as I believe in what you say and have proved over time we can reprogram our negative thoughts to produce positive results. Your book was enlightening and I know will help allot of people who are open to other ways besides conventional methods that do not work.

Best Regards,


Dear Father Doc. Carignan,

I thank you in a special way for the book you sent me a few months ago: Louis Bauers A Journey to Inner Healing. I loved the book and it did a divine and human healing at the same time. For the past two years at least, I was stuck, apparently keeping busy, but really doing nothing or very little. I did not know how to overcome this, although I often prayed about it. God used this book to answer my prayers. As I read the book very attentively, contemplatively, I started seeing myself as I wanted to be, and slowly Gods energy in me started making me do meaningful things to reach out to others, to involve others at the Neighborhood Center (Westwood), to do all kinds of things that I use to postpone until it was too late to do anything, and my health is much, much better for it. I call this a true healing. Sister Monica is now reading the book.

Keep us in your prayers.

Take care! God bless you!

Sister Cecile

Saint Theresa in Crowley, La.

Dear Dr. Bauer,

I cant tell you how much I appreciate your generous offer to talk to St. Margaret Marys book club. As you know we selected your book, A Journey to Inner Healing. On the recommendation of Father Rareshide and because I felt we should support fellow parishioners in their endeavors. To be perfectly honest I was not very enthusiastic about reading it. If I could have pretended to read it, I would have. I thought, This is just more hocus pocus hypnotism. My husband started reading the book immediately and really liked it. I could not make myself read it. I fussed so much about it that my husband got quite angry with me and told me, in no uncertain terms, to be quiet.

I was like Sam in Green Eggs and Ham. I would not like it here or there, I would not like it any where.

On a long airplane flight I forced my self to read the book. Woah!! What a difference the book was from my preconceived ideas. I got off the plane quoting it to all who would listen. I especially liked your use of Scripture to make a point. The affirmations are worth the cost of the book. I bought copies for my four children, who have found great merit in it. It is interesting that each found something different in the book to help them.

I am naturally a very positive person, but the book has given me good ideas on how to be even more positive in my dealings with people. I drive slower, I smell the flowers more often. I think I am a nicer person all for having read the book!

So once again like Sam, I am I would like it here or there, I would like it anywhere.

Thank you, Louis. You have given me a gift greater than pearls.

Patricia Dalton

St. Margaret Mary Librarian

Hi Louis:

In my opinion your book is unique because of the strength of the honest portrayals of your own personal situations and your gentle but unmistakable adherence to Christian principles. That's something you don't see a lot in self-help books. Most deal with secular metaphysics and don't have a Christian foundation. Another unique quality of your book is the wonderful use of stories and examples you use to illustrate points you are tying to make. The book is literally filled with them and it helps the book take on a personality and a life of it's own. Finally I think the book is unique because it exudes a commitment and willingness to help others that you don't normally see. You want to help your readers and it shows. That is commendable. Thanks for writing this book, Louis. I, for one, have received help already. Please keep in touch. Jay Van Dyke

Dear Dr. Bauer,

Congratulation on a very valuable contributing to mankind. Your test is insightful and encouraging. It draws on things we recognize to be true and expands their significance. Your work helps one understand the need and opportunity to change one's attitude and rise above one's problems. You show that hope creates an alternative to illness, that optimism is a prescription for healing, that adversity promotes spiritual growth and that there is no false hope.

Thank you,

Dr. Howard Neumann Mandeville, LA

Hello Dr. Bauer,

Yes I did receive your tape. As amatter of fact my family members are enjoying them so much, I may need to place another order with you for more.

Did I tell you that my son Darrell is going to St. Josephs seminary in August. He needs prayers. I am so happy. He experienced the touch of the Holy Spirit after only reading two chapters of your book. He told me he had started reading your book before leaving to register for college at Perk Campus. And it happened. A warm loving embrace, and the decision to be of service to God came to him on his drive. He has been at peace within himself since.

Karen Ingram-Parker Bay St. Louie, MS

Hi Louie,

I just wanted to let you know I received your book and have finished the first two chapters. I've already decided that I am going to teach from your book when I do my Hypnosis class in January. I am going tohave them buy the book as part of the class and we will work from it during the 10 week class I am holding. I've never really had a good book to recommend about the power of the mind like this one. Thank you, you just made my job easier.

And I want you to know that I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the book, and your personal story is magnificent. I have heard you tell it before, but there is something so powerful about reading it. I was truly inspired by your story at a time when I was dipping a little low on belief. So thank you for the pick-me-up.

Louie,you aresuch a blessing to us all.


Hi Grandpa,

Just wanted to tell you that I finished your book last week. I am just now getting around to writing you. It was GREAT!

The book made me laugh,it made me cry, it made me think, and it made me dream. It was very encouraging. It really made me sit back and look at my life and how I am living and what I can do to make it better.

I also want to tell you that I am very proud of you. That isn't something that the kids usually tell the adults, but it is in this case.

You've been through allot to get this book out and I am glad you stuck it through. You are going to change a bunch of peoples lives. I love you and grandma allot and you are both always in my prayers.

Love ya,


Dear Doctor Bauer,

Thank you for the book. I read it three times and I absolutely felt it to be an amazing book and I sent it to my sister who is in a mental institution right now cuz she just can't get it right. We were both programmed negative and the last 10 years I have worked hard on reprogramming that tape but she has had a hard time. I hope the book will help her as much as it has helped me. Excellent work, I look forward to your next book. Good luck and I hope the prosperity nickel comes your way as it always does when work is meant to be by one of God's messengers.

Your book really put everything together, makes so much sense and for people who still "can't get it" they need to read your book. It is enlightening, easy to read, will get you off your butt and work on yourself to become anything you want in life. My hats off to you for job so well done and I am fortunate to have such a powerful tool that I use in my daily life.

God bless you and your family.

Best Regards,


Dear Dr. Bauer,

I can not fully express the excitement I am feeling as I read your new book, A JOURNEY TO INNER HEALING. I just bought the book yesterday at Angels of Peace Bookstore on Military Road in Slidell, Louisiana. Since I started reading it, I have had to force myself to put the book down in order to sleep and to go to church.

I am one of these people who suffer frommany physical ailments, along with extensive weight gain, mostly due to the stress and worry I have allowed to consume me over the years. My husband is constantly telling me totake care of myself and quit worrying about everybody and everything else. As I am reading your book, Iunderstand that bytrusting in God to take care of all of my needs and the needs of others along with concentratingon positive, "can-do" thoughts, I canturn my worries into great works for God.

Finally,I highly recommend your book to everyone. Due to the circumstances going on in this world we live in today, Istrongly feel your book will make a positive difference for people of all ages and backgrounds. Don't worry, I WILL be getting more copies to giveout as Christmas presents. I look at this book as a gift from God for me and I want to pass the gift on!


Denise Cooper

Dear Dr.Bauer:

The cover of your book brings me a sentiment serenity of the Rigolets from liveing there for 15 years.The sunrise that you have on your book will never be seen again.Every day is a new day with a new sunrise and a new day to change your life for the better.Your book A JONRNEY TO INNER HEALING,reminds me of (To everything there is a season,A time for every purpose under Heaven. Your book tells the truth and the truth hurts,I had to repentantwith tears rolling down my face,and to hit the truth head on to be set free.And that is what your book has done for me.(Girded with the truth) is my armor to fight life;s battles, and for God to help me with them. In Psalm 93 it said The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters,yea,than the mighty waves of the sea. Thy testimonies are very sure:holiness becometh thine house,O Lord,for ever.The Father is the truth and I am very happy to be a part of you book.I am very gald that God seen fit to put you and your family in Arthur and my life.I am like you ,and seen first hand of what God has done in Arthur and my life.

Before Arthur came to see you I prayed to God that some one would find favor with him, and God put you in our lifes, and I pray that God would go before us and lead the way to a better life. When Arthur was still fighting his battle with the Vietnam and become his own enemy, his family life also became battle. I hurt so much for my husband that now I really know how much all of these men, that are out there hurting the same as Arthur and that the price of freedom was not free and it is the same with our Father in heaven (Jesus) that gave everything that he had. Your book hit on every thing that one could only ask for that is the grace of God and the peace that only God can give. I wish every one would get your book it has everything to offer to all ages and to all people to give them hope for the world today.

Thank you for being our friend.You did a very good jod with God;s help.he will bless you and your family. Many people will come to God from this book.

Ruthie M.Serpas, Picayune Mississippi

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