A Devastating Storm

This DVD will help to "Calm the Storm Within You"

Rebuilding our lives after Katrina.

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The reason why I produced this talk and meditation on this DVD, is because I spoken to many people that were effected by Katrina and everyone has there own sobering stories.

The sad thing is that over the past year since Katrina, things have not changed too much.

Things are, "Just not the same." We are all feeling that feeling, to one degree or another.

As of July the 15th. the "Catholic Charities Louisiana Spirit Outreach" program, visited over 65,000 people. They reported that there was a spike in Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Substance Abuse, Excessive Stress, Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.

A recent report from the New York Times indicated the annual suicide rate in New Orleans tripled in the last 4 month after Hurricane Katrina.

The level of Anxiety people are feeling is also on an increase.

So many people have become angry because of Insurance Company's and the hopelessness of all the hoops they feel they have to jump through, just to get the money they deserve and they paid for.

Katrina has and will be effecting people for many years, unless we do something about it.

Some of you may be feeling Overwhelmed, Depressed, Angry, Anxiety or other Negative emotions and you are tired of feeling that way.

This DVD will give you the tools to make good positive changes in your life.

The meditation on this DVD will set you free and calm the storm in your life.

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