Doctor Uses Hypnosis To Heal
By JENNIFER L. SPEER / The News Banner / April 4, 1998



Photo: Dr. Louis Bauer, a hypnotherapist from Slidell, describes how he uses a geode to illustrate to his clients how important someone's appearance really is. The outside of the geode is rough, discolored and ugly, however, the inside of the geode is remarkable with its glimmering crystals. "In people, beauty is the same way, it comes from within, not from the outside," said Bauer.

Photo by Jennifer L. Speer.

Devil's Advocate Or Angel In Disguise

Healing one's illness or breaking a bad habit may be as simple as mind over matter.

Because society has deemed hypnosis as an unconventional method of treatment, Dr. Louis Bauer of Slidell has sometimes been referred to as the devil's advocate by those who do not understand it. However, those who Bauer has treated refer to him as quite the opposite. In fact, he gets 85 percent of his clients from referrals from those he has treated.

Bauer has been working out of a home office in Slidell for nearly 10 years. Through hypnotherapy, he has helped clients kick the smoking habit, reduce weight, and overcome other conditions such as depression, insomnia, fears and phobias.

Upon entering Bauer's office, the first thing noticeable is the soothing music playing in the background and a huge barrel-sized plastic container holding thousands of packs of cigarettes from clients who, after being treated, felt no need to smoke again.

Because Bauer uses a different technique of hypnosis than other doctors by combining the mind, body and spirit, you must first fill out a questionnaire about yourself and your belief systems, including spirituality and religion. This is important because Bauer does not want to interject his religious beliefs on clients, but rather he works with your beliefs, even if you are an atheist.

To be hypnotized, which is an altered state of consciousness much like sleep, you first must be willing to be hypnotized. If you have reservations as to whether or not hypnosis will work for you, quite frankly, it will not.

In order to hypnotize you, Bauer leads you through the process by calmly talking to you, making you concentrate on every inch of your body as it relaxes. As you progress deeper and deeper into the hypnotic state, Bauer gives you positive suggestions to help you overcome whatever problem you have been experiencing. Most clients feel rejuvenated upon waking from the relaxed state.

According to Bauer, one client walked into his office with a rash all over her. She turned to Bauer after conventional medical doctors were unable to find the cause of the rash. Placing her under hypnosis, Bauer suggested she allow her natural body healing process do the work. Bauer claims that before she left, the rash was completely gone and never reappeared again.

Bauer said hypnosis heals because it involves the subconscious, which controls our body. Heart beats, muscle reflexes, blinking, and even scratching, are all involuntary acts ruled by your subconscious mind, according to Bauer.

"Our body is nothing but a robot which the subconscious controls. It doesn't know good from bad or true or false. It doesn't rationalize or analyze... it's almost like a computer, " said Bauer. "Sometimes we program, or other people program, our subconscious without the conscious mind realizing it."

According to Bauer, the subconscious deals with belief systems, such as saying to yourself "I can't do that." If you say this enough to yourself, or if someone tells you enough that you can't, you will inevitably believe it. This is your subconscious mind telling you that "you cannot do it." What really shapes our sense of self, according to Bauer, is positive words when we are young.

"When a baby is born, it is truly a small tape recorder that tapes what is going on around it," said Bauer. "If you tell a child he is stupid, this affects the child on an emotional level to where he will not be able to determine whether he is or isn't stupid. But even after the child's analytical mind is fully developed at age 13, he will have a negative opinion of himself because you told him he was stupid, he must be."

"The subconscious can hinder you and who you wish you could be, but it can also make you who you wish you could be," said Bauer. "Quite simply, it can help you or destroy you." Through prayer and hypnosis, Bauer believes your belief system can be changed to think positively.

Your subconscious can create pain, known as psychosomatic symptoms, according to Bauer. "People are not aware that sometimes they are making themselves sick," he said.

According to the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, 92 percent of all illness is psychosomatic. Bauer believes depression is psychosomatic too. He calls depression a mental cancer and believes depression stems from unresolved anger at not being able to retain or have something you want, whether it be a physical item or a place you feel you should be in your.

Anxiety, just like depression, is caused by negative thought processes. Also asking yourself repeatedly "what ifs' all of the time is the most destructive thing you can do to yourself. "They'll pull you down and destroy you," said Bauer.

"The what ifs' stop us from being who we can be and they also stop God from helping us."

"I think I have the most rewarding profession because I have seen miracles take place that have no logical or medical explanation," said Bauer.

Bauer has even helped an atheist overcome his problems. "Even though you don't believe in God, he is still in you," said Bauer. "Someone doesn't have to believe in God to experience God.".

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