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Preparing for Surgery

Image of Doctor about to perform surgery

This relaxing session will help you through any surgical situation

Surgery is often accompanied by stress: anxiety awaiting the operation, physical stress during it, and distress during recovery. Science has amply demonstrated that stress has a strong effect on both the immune system and the body's ability to heal.

Science has known for a quarter of a century that preparation for surgery triggers stress that can be documented physiologically. A 1975 study showed that patients who were shaved and washed before heart surgery released a burst of the stress hormone cortisol more than four times greater than normal for that time of day.

Among 30 dental surgery patients, those with high levels of stress during the previous six months took longer to recover from anesthesia and reported significantly more pain than did the patients with low levels of stress.>

Anxiety can lead to poorer recovery. Among 126 back surgery patients, those who were anxious before surgery had significantly more fatigue, tension, and pain three months later than those who were not anxious.

Among 102 women who had minor gynecological surgery, those who expressed more worry before the procedure displayed greater heart rate and blood pressure changes before and during the procedure, were more difficult to anesthetize, and more likely to experience headaches, vomiting, and pain afterward.

IL-iB initiates a cascade of events critical to successful wound healing. It attaches cells called neutrophils and monocytes, which digest debris and bacteria at the wound site, it stimulates various components of the skin, such as fibroblasts and epithelial cells, to proliferate, and it triggers the production of other immune system components. If you look at wound healing as a cascade, and stress limits very early part of that cascade, then it's not surprising that stress slows down the process.

A recent study indicated that given patients specific verbal suggestions before major operations can influence physiological recovery. In a study of 40 patients undergoing abdominal surgery, one group was given a 5-minuet presentation of general instructions and reassurance while patients in the experimental group received 5 minuets of specific instructions about restoring bowl function. As predicted, patients receiving specific suggestions reported passing first gas after only 2.6 days compared to 4.2 days for control patients.

Thinking positively has profound effects on the physical and mental health of surgery patients, says Michael F. Scheier, Ph.D. of Camegie Mellon University. Scheier and his colleagues found that optimists who have heart bypass surgery recover and return to their usual activities more quickly and are less likely to be hospitalized again for complications than are their pessimistic peers.

To sum it all up, people who go into surgery with a good mental attitude will have less pain, less bleeding, less complications, faster healing and recovery and will go home sooner.

If you are not using your mind to help you in your wellness, then it's like having a star quarterback sitting on the bench during a major football game.

The session on this CD will help you to use your mind in your wellness and help you to develop a good attitude before surgery.

You should play this CD each day for a week before surgery, and bring it with you to the hospital so it can be played during surgery.

A Testimony from my wife on the Preparing for Surgery CD

This CD helped me so much when I had double hernia surgery. My husband made this CD for me about a week before my surgery.

For the four days before my surgery, I took some quiet time for myself each day. I went to a place in my home where I would not be disturbed and listened to the CD.

When I went in for my surgery, I asked the surgeon if they would let me listen to the CD while I was having surgery and he said, "Yes, since I was not having neck or head surgery". My husband put the earphones on me while I was in the surgery waiting area, just before they took me into surgery. It was so great and I was so relaxed and had no nervous stress anticipating surgery. I don't even remember when they rolled me into the operating room or when they gave me the anesthetic. I listened to the CD all during surgery. The CD was 45 minuets long and when it was over, the nurse played it again for me.

The surgery was supposed to take three hours and it only took one and a half hours. The doctor told my husband that I did great and it was one of the easiest surgeries he had ever done. I laughed at that one, because the doctor didn't know that one of the statements on the CD is, Your medical team will find that this is one of the easiest surgeries they have ever done.

I didn't need any pain medication in the recovery room or any time afterward, which surprised the hospital staff.

It was truly the easiest surgery I ever had and if I can, I won't have any kind of surgery in the future without using the CD.

If you are in need of surgery, I hope this CD will help you like it helped me.

Deana Bauer

Dr. Louis P. Brauer,

I have been practicing meditation, self-hypnosis, etc. for 35 years and found your CD entitled "Preparing for Surgery" the best I have ever purchased. I am presently recuperating from surgery which is minimal. This CD helped me considerably in preparing for and during the surgery. The stress was minimal if any at all during the entire time. The healing seemed to begin at start of surgery. It was so successful that I did not have to stay overnight as I had been told initially even though a Stent was inserted in one of my arteries.

During post- surgery I found that after two days of using your "Affimations for Healing" CD I did not need it at all.

Thank you for developing these CDs.


Leo Michelotti

Morgan Hill, CA.

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