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Overcome Insomnia

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  • Overcome Insomnia
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This is a 45min hypnotic session

Nearly half of all Americans have some kind of sleep disorder, with insomnia being the most common. Worry, anxiety, unconscious tensions and major and minor health problems can all affect the quality of sleep.

This is a hypnotic CD that will guide you into a very peaceful state of relaxation. Once you are in that peaceful state of relaxation, it's very easy for you to go into a natural and peaceful state of sleep.

Millions of Americans are afflicted with chronic pain and insomnia--

"Matching the therapy to the illness and the patient must be our goal", said panel chair Julius Richmond, M.D., the John D. MacArthur Professor of Health Policy Analysis Emeritus at Harvard Medical School.

"When done properly, relaxation therapy can lower one's breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure and change brain waves."

The group stated that there was evidence that hypnosis is effective in alleviating chronic pain associated with various cancers. Hypnosis can also be a part of the treatment program for irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory conditions of the mouth, temporomandibular disorders, and tension headaches, the panel concluded.

"Cognitive/behavioral techniques, which teach individuals to alter patterns of negative thoughts are effective therapies, primarily in the treatment of low back pain and arthritis", concluded the panel.

That's why I developed this unique CD. This CD will bring you into a very pleasant and peaceful hypnotic state of relaxation. All of the suggestions are therapeutically designed and are of a positive nature to help you alter your thoughts more positively.

National Sleep Foundation -- "Can't Sleep? What To Know About Insomnia"

Dr. Bauer,

I haven't had a bit of insomnia after listening to your Overcoming Insomnia CD a few times. For some reason, I had gotten insomnia and was sleeping 3 hours a night for almost a year but now.........8 plus hours a night. There's nothing else you can think of when your listening to them. Everything is left behind.

Cheryl Tanner ---Fairbanks, AK

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