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Casey Schallenberg portrait

"A story of faith, love of life, and belief in miracles"

The Schallenberg Family

Casey Schallenberg was born in 1996 in Slidell, Louisiana. Due to a premature birth, he acquired cerebral palsy. Casey was in a wheelchair until he was nine years old. At the age of nine, with much difficulty, he began to walk for the first time in his life.

His life has been tough with all the surgeries, therapies, physical challenges and the yearning to do things that other kids can do.

Casey could be bitter, angry and disgusted at life. Instead, with the help of his parents, he embraces his life and uses each challenge as an opportunity to help others.

Through a positive attitude, a good outlook on life, and above all, a deep faith in God, he has overcome a lifetime of barriers to become a dynamic inspirational speaker.

Casey uses his unique blend of humor, life experiences, and stories to guide people to experience joy and purpose despite their circumstances.

Casey has a favorite saying, “Life doesn’t have to be perfect, to be wonderful.

He has a special message, and a glowing spirit. His physical challenges only serve as a stimulant for the unique style of speaking that draws his audience to rediscover themselves and to learn how to cope with a world that sometimes seems unfair.

Casey has spoken at schools, churches, organizations, business meetings, private groups and at fundraisers. Casey has shared the stage with Dr. Louis P. Bauer, a professional public speaker and author.

After one of Casey’s presentations, Dr. Bauer told his parents that, “People as young as children in kindergarten up to the age of elderly people in nursing homes need to hear Casey’s inspirational message.

Casey’s presentation will reach people of all ages in your audience with the message that with God, all things are possible. With the way Casey gives his presentation, he might even reach some people that no one else can.

Here on his web site page at: http://www.goodtapes.com you will learn how Casey has overcome many obstacles and has become the person God created him to be. Instead of becoming paralyzed by his situation,

Casey realizes that although he can’t change his circumstances, he can control how his circumstances affect him.

Casey and his parents look beyond his limitations and they find hope and peace in the power of God. You have never heard a speaker as young as Casey Schallenberg give such a powerful message.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear one of his life-changing presentations. Please give this link to your friends, and tell others about his powerful and inspirational message.

One day, Casey would like to be a worldwide inspirational speaker. It’s people like you that can help Casey in his ministry and make that happen by sharing his information and passing it along to others.

If you know of a church, school or organization that could benefit from one of Casey’s talks, please direct them to this web site and contact us at jst4casey@aol.com .

What Casey wants more than anything else, is to help others of all ages believe in prayer, healing, miracles, and in God’s love. He hopes to convey just how precious life is, no matter what obstacles and circumstances cross your path.

He doesn’t charge a fee for his speaking engagements, but greatly appreciates any donations to help his ministry grow.

Casey's Videos
Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talk at local church

Slidell teen with Cerebral Palsy astounding doctors with progress, now a motivational speaker

Slidell Independent


July 22, 2011

Casey Schallenberg and his Mom Terri

SLIDELL — When Terri and Herman Schallenberg left Children’s Hospital 15 years ago with their premature baby boy, they were told “take him home and love him. He’ll never walk or talk—don’t expect much.”

That prognosis was not surprising since Terri was lucky to be alive, and so was her new baby boy, Casey, born 14 weeks premature and weighing only 2 pounds, 3 ounces.

Terri and Herman were understandably excited as her first pregnancy proceeded, and that excitement doubled when an ultrasound revealed she was carrying twins.

But 26 weeks into the pregnancy, she began having cramps, was rushed to the hospital in Slidell, and told she had a ruptured uterus. That condition is so serious that the life of the mother is immediately threatened, and Terri’s situation was no different.

“I flat-lined two or three times while they were trying to do the C-section,” she recalled. “All the doctors were thinking about was trying to save my life.”

She recalls the situation was so chaotic and charged in the delivery room that her husband was finally asked to step out, since his emotions were out of control—no surprise with the life of his wife and unborn twins in the balance.

Finally, two babies were delivered and all Terri remembers is “them running out of the room, holding two purple, very small babies in their hands.”

Her daughter, Kelsi, never made it. She was taken off life support after seven days. Casey, on the other hand, had a future, albeit one the doctors and nurses didn’t offer much promise about.

Due to periods of time with oxygen cut off from the brain, he had cerebral palsy, as well as hydrocephalus, a condition where fluid around the brain does not drain.

“I was an emotional wreck after the delivery and for several days,” Terri recalled. “But the time that things changed was just before they transferred the babies to Children’s Hospital. I held Casey, and he opened his eyes—his big, blue eyes—and seemed to look straight at me. That was the moment I knew we had to fight to do all we could for my children.”

After three months in New Orleans, and Terri’s life as a paralegal becoming history, the couple brought Casey home with more dire predictions.

“We were given the worst case scenario about Casey,” Terri said. “One nurse even told us he would only be a vegetable his entire life. But somehow I knew God had something better for him and would lead us to find it.”

Slowly, Casey began to surprise the doctors and therapists. By the age of two the speech therapist said she didn’t need to work with him any more since he was doing so well. Mom and dad put him in music and horseback riding therapy to continue stimulating his brain, and by the age of 5, he was walking on his knees.

“The surprising thing is that no doctor around here would offer us hope about him walking. But finally I found a doctor in New Jersey who immediately said he could do surgery in a way that would lead him to walk,” she said.

By the age of 9, Casey was walking on his own, with no assistance of any kind. And meantime through these years, a change had occurred in the lives of Herman and Terri.

“We were never church-goers at all, and still didn’t go after Casey was brought home,” she said. “I was raised Catholic and always believed in God, and I knew I wanted Casey to go to church and have his first communion. So when he was five, we started going to church and put him in a CCD class.”

The class was wonderful for Casey, since he began making friends, got some exposure with many other people, and found a relationship with God beginning to grow.

“As I was in the class for a few years, I knew I found a personal relationship of my own with God,” Casey said. “And when I walked for the first time, it was like God let me know I needed to tell my story to others, of the miracle He did in my life.”

Attending St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Pearl River, Casey’s improvement was also being noticed by Dr. Louis Bauer, a longtime Slidell Christian clinical hypnotherapist. As he watched Casey come down the aisle for communion each Sunday in church—first in a wheelchair, then with a walker and finally one day all by himself with no assistance—Bauer began to take a special interest.

“One day we met after church and from that point, we’ve become very good friends,” Terri said.

Bauer, who is a regular Christian speaker at public events, began to mentor Casey and finally asked him to attend an event with him. Casey was asked to come up front and speak a few words, which he did, with no problem in the least.

“I really never was nervous,” Casey said. “As a matter of fact, I talked longer than Dr. Bauer expected and he made a joke about me having so much to say.”

Since then, Bauer continues to mentor Casey and believes there is a special future for him. Casey has spoken approximately 20 times, and has also had several public engagements by himself. He is hopeful of getting more speaking invitations, all to tell his own miracle story, making it clear he is an “inspirational speaker” who would like to tell his story to any groups, religious or not.

“I want people to know that if I can go through this kind of obstacle, then why can’t they get past anything in front of them. God answers prayers and we need to believe Him for what we want in life,” Casey said.

For Casey, his physical challenges are not anything that hold him back, he said. He is homeschooled by his mother, exercises at home and is learning to play guitar, besides handling a newspaper route with his mother.

Now at the age of 15, he said there is only one thing in life that remains a difficult thing to handle.

“Losing my sister is the only hard thing in my life,” he said as tears began to fall. “I think about her every day. I talk to her and I think she’s my guardian angel in heaven. I still picture my life with her here, and it’s really hard to know she will never be with me here on this Earth.”

Casey is available to speak to any groups, in church or not, and can be reached by calling 863-7706 or e-mailing him at jst4casey@aol.com.

Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talk at local church
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy newspaper clipping
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy newspaper clipping
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talking with youth at local high school
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talking with youth at local high school
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talking with youth at local high school
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talking with youth at local high school
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talking with youth at local high school
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talking with youth at local high school
  • Casey Schallenberg Cerebral Palsy talking with youth at local high school