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A Journey to Inner Healing

Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

A Journey to Inner Healing is a dynamic new book by author Louis P. Bauer, Ph.D. He experienced a miraculous healing from severe depression that forever altered the course of his life. "We live in a world bombarded with negativity. Unless we learn to break free from it, it can have an adverse effect on our entire existence. The most common problem people have is that they realize something is wrong with their lives but have no idea how to change it. This book is like a roadmap, a life lesson for everyone that is not only vital to their happiness, but also their overall health and well-being."

As humans, there are three aspects of our being which makes us complete. It is the trinity of the mind, body, and spirit and when there is a lack of harmony within this trinity, it brings disorder and a sense of lacking into our lives.

"That was my purpose in writing this book. I wanted to help others who may be experiencing the same negative feelings and emotions that I experienced. Once people understand and learn to work with this awesome connection, they will notice profound and positive changes in their day-to-day living, their relationships with other people, and their emotional well being."

This book is an easy to read adventure filled with motivational tools and techniques. It is blended with inspirational storytelling that is designed to help the reader discover a new awareness, bringing them a sense of peace in this negative and fast pace world.

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Dr. Louis Bauer's A JOURNEY TO INNER HEALING is a valuable contribution to the growing evidence that spirituality and prayer are important factors in health and healing. Medicine cannot be complete without making a significant place for these issues. With every best wish,

Larry Dossey, MD,

"Louis Bauer's passion for his work and compassion for people screams through these pages. He is disarmingly honest and down to earth. The Christian community need not fear clinical hypnotherapy, especially when guided by a professional who embraces Christian values, since Jesus often used trance induction through storytelling to open his audience to a life-changing truth. I know this man, his story and methodology. He has a heart for God and simply wants to share what he has learned through his own journey. He reminds me of the blind man in the temple who, when frustrated by constant questioning from the Pharisees, exclaimed: "All I know is I once was blind but now I see!" Louis, thanks for making me part of your experience.

G. Reid Doster, DMin., L.P.C. Licensed Professional Counselor

Here is a book that gives explicit directions on finding inner peace, just like a road map correctly guides us to our destination. Everyone can profit from reading this book; it has warmth, humor, tears and besides being fascinating reading, it also gives us an understanding of how we think and act, which gives us a key to successfully changing our lives.

Fr. John A. Izral, Catholic priest

Dr. Bauer's heartwarming stories inspire me both personally and as a physician. He shares his techniques to help the reader connect the mind, body and spirit for true inner peace and happiness.

Kathleen McDonald, M.D.

Thank you for writing this fine book about inner healing. The message clearly shows the way, via obeying and trusting the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Henry A. Maggio, Psychiatrist

In my profession I see many patients with pain that is directly caused by stress. This book points us toward that golden key which will help us heal ourselves.

Louis H. Hebert, M.D.

I have just completed reading your manuscript, 'A Journey to Inner Healing' and am, as usual, awe struck by the greatness of God's work through you. Your writing style is easily understandable and makes profound statements that reach out and grab you. The sharing of your experiences and your personal relationship with the Lord is an awesome tutorial for all to follow.

PMarvin J. Burnette, Jr.

Dr. Bauer has combined his professional training with that of a gifted wordsmith and, most importantly, his understanding of life as a true Christian gentleman, in producing this guide to living. You will find yourself returning to it long after your first healing trip through its chapters.

Philip White Journalist and free-lance writer

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